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Originally Posted by touchmon View Post
Amazing job. ^_^ The only difference I can see is that your top is a bit darker than hers but that's being really picky. It's really awesome. ^_^ Good job.
Thanks so much! And I agree, though I think some of it is just the lighting of the photos. I think the only way I could perfectly match her shirt would be by using actual burber material which is pretty much out of the question purely because of the itch factor hahahaha!! Also, a side note. After looking at several stills of her shirt, I noticed that the strap around her neck wasnt actually braided, it was more like chain made from threads and such, so I looked up tifferent types of knots and braids and found a Monkey Chain. To make the strapping I had to use 12, 20 foot long pieces of yarn twisted into three ropes, then braided into the Monkey chain and sewn onto the shirt. YAY FOR NEUROTIC ACCURACY!
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