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The best way to go about this... Leather molding

First.. a small introduction.

Hello! I'm Ashley. And I'm insane.
Now that that's out of the way... I want to replicate Balthier's vest.. out of leather.

I pretty much think leather is the only thing that can work for me - which is fine. I don't mind spending the money for the leather and I already have some tools. Because... see how it form fits to his chest and his everything? And it's also embossed..

And also to me, it doesn't even look like a fabric. It looks like a thin tooling leather (like maybe 4 oz). The person I'm making this for is opposed to craft foam. Either way, I'm going with leather!

Okay, that being said.. what would be the best way to get it wet formed to his body? I intend on making a pattern off of him first, doing all the leather tooling and stuff, and then wet-forming.. but I'm not sure how patient he is with me forming it to him for hours on end.

Should I tell him to just suck it up (and use an hair dryer to speed up the process), or make a torso cast (of what) to form it over? We are also trying to keep the cost somewhat low, since the leather will eat a bit of the money.

P.S.- If you have any ideas for his pants, shoot! It doesn't have to be real leather or anything. I just want to get the look right
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