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So at Katsucon 2012, I was offered an interview by a guy called Tom from ExtremeCostumes. The surprising thing was that he had apparently been looking for us all throughout Friday. It was only at night when I was wearing our ODST that he managed to find us out of sheer coincidence. We were on the escalator, heading back to our room when we see him in front of us with a helmet to one of his robots. He then asks "Hey, are you the ones that had the ODST earlier in the day?". We both relied with a reluctant "Yes". It was at that point that he mentioned he had been looking for us all throughout the convention hearing about our supposed costume and wanted to get the chance to interview us sometime tomorrow. We both gladly accepted the offer but told him that we will bring out our Master Chief since that costume is more famous. So it was I guess the start to a big Saturday.

The next day, we begin our normal trek without Master Chief. The usual things happen and things seem like it was going to be just another day. We then spotted Tom again, but this time he had the entire robot costume on. We then took a few minutes to speak with him about the interview. He told us all the info about the time and location. It sure got us excited!

Later the evening, We were getting ready to get suited up for our interview. It was being held in the registration room. Even though the room was off limits, we SOMEHOW managed to get off lucky. Not only that, but he was really professional about it. Overall, the interview itself was very nice to do. (Although, we have yet to get the actual video of the interview.)

So after the interview, we were on our merry way back into action. Suddenly, We see that a dance circle that formed while we were inside. We were then asked to dance inside the circle while I was still in my armor. Of course I took this chance to go crazy after what I had to go through. I was then challenged to dance off against Jesus. This was a one in a life time chance for me, so I quickly jumped back in the circle and went off against Jesus. It was pretty much the best moment in the convention and made my weekend.

So now, I am able to say that:

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