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Video games and reading, mostly. Gaming is my #1 hobby and is part of my job. I've always loved reading, but I've really stepped it up in the last couple of years. I'm reading my 46th book of the year now. (Thanks, Goodreads, for keeping track!)

I'm trying to get more into cooking, which should be easier now that I have a new place with a bigger, more open kitchen. I'm embarrassed how much that excites me.

Oh, and I collect slimes from Dragon Quest. Mostly plushies (I have 70) but also things like toys, mugs, towels, keychains, etc.

...and I guess working out can kind of be a hobby? I'm trying to get back into daily jogs, and circuit training.

I used to be more into photography. The photo taking bug only really bites me when I'm on vacation, though.
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