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Originally Posted by Celine View Post
MDA: I LOVE your interpretation of CoD. I realize that she's sort of not wearing much of anything (and I'm such a prude) so yours is awesome. Totally captures the look without showing too much. Where are the pictures with the tentacles?
Thank you I was iffy about skin showing till I cosplayed Kuja (nightmare of a costume). I'm glad you like my interpretation. I wanted to be comfortable in it
The tentacles sadly aren't in it due to I couldn't find them when I wanted to do these photos, and I found them and need to fix them - but other projects need to be done first so they're on hold for fixing. I'll take better photos when it's warm again.

Originally Posted by Seifer-sama View Post
@ MDA: Great job with CoD!! You must be so happy to have her finished!! I am super excited to see your Rydia cosplay too!!! Did you just start that one?
Oh believe me I am! CoD was stalking my dreams going "finish me~"
I have most everything for Rydia. I'm going to redo the corset entirely though I don't like it anymore. All I need is the wig, some faux flowers, feathers, gems, and more beads. Other than that I have everything for her at least.

Originally Posted by Liliana View Post
@MDA: as said before, CoD looks lovely!~ I can't wait to see the little snakey guys on.
You will see them in Spring XD Via photos of course. Lest I take her to AN for Friday night, but that is unlikely xD

Originally Posted by tifaia View Post
@MDA: Sweet. No CoD is complete with tentacles. XD
Indeed. Just need to fix the damn things xD

I'll start back to work on Rydia in the new year. My parents have buried my large fabric box (which has about 40 meters of fabric in it - all different) with Christmas presents so its inaccessible to me until after New Year's as I'm off to Montreal to see my boyfriend on the 27th, and I come home January 2nd. So much work to do at the start of the year....
At least Rydia's sewing is easy.
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