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Originally Posted by Quinn The Spazz View Post
I am so sick of crying this week. Too much drama and not enough sleep. I think I had an anxiety attack earlier because of a debacle with my parents and I wound up crying and hyperventilating on the floor wishing my therapist hadn't moved to Africa and feeling utterly alone. Plus I have a math test tomorrow and I have to stay after school for 4 days next week for my stupid advanced drama class that I somehow ended up in, and I might have to miss Friday at Katsucon for this goddamn class unless I get my grades up, not to mention my dad was having weird chest pains on Monday and I've been a nervous wreck (He's fine, the Doctor said so, but he has a follow-up appointment next week) and he says all my crying is bad for his heart. I know he's just frustrated and wants me to shut up but I'm afraid I'm going to give him a heart attack or something. And all While I'm on the floor unable to breath like a normal person, my mom manages to make me feel like a selfish little bitch and the worst part is I know she's right.

god now I'm crying again. Can this week just be over please? This week needs to be over. I just want to sleep in and read my Stephen King book and have my life be relatively crap-free.

I'll be at Katsucon, stop by my AA table and I'll give you something :3 We'll figure out a way for you to ID yourself later... I hope everything gets better for you though~
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