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Originally Posted by Akahime View Post
:/ I'm a pretty forgiving person. But if something happens more than one, I become skeptical and even stubborn. I don't think it'll be ok. I don't believe this guy would change, ever. I mean seriously. It's already been almost three years (or has it been three years? I don't know, not really keep track) and there's been mostly only drama in her life. I don't know why anyone would want to go through pain and stress just for 'love'. I don't find that kind of love worth fighting for. I have other love/friendship that I rather fight for and besides.... there are more guys out there who are better than this one. :/

Maybe I would become a little more bit understanding if I knew what she was thinking about. BUT I don't. She doesn't tell us anything about what really goes on in her mind and when you do ask, I feel like I run in circles and everyone else gets confused by her explanations.

Whatever. No matter what happens, I won't leave her just because of some guy. She's still my friend that I love and I'll just sit back and let karma run its course. Perhaps it was meant to be to be this way. That I have slowly come to accept. /lesigh
maybe you could hold and intervention for her?
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