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Originally Posted by sam vimes View Post
Your friend sounds like a bit of a doormat. Ask yourself if you want more years of listening to this boring, go-nowhere saga.
Yeah. Pretty much. I really, really, REALLY don't want to hear or see any more of this. :/ You have no idea how many friends she lost just because of this guy and her decision to stay with him. She really does put him first before us, which pains us. (if it was a guy who I actually liked being her boyfriend and treated her well, I wouldn't care, but.... THIS GUY :/).

I think that's why I decided that it was just best for me to stay far in the background until she is ready to move on. AND IF SHE'S NOT.... well I guess that just means less me in her life. :/ As sad as that is too.

Originally Posted by kuroki-neko View Post
maybe you could hold and intervention for her?
We had that a couple of times to. Me personally with her one on one after trying to have an intervention with her the second time around. :/ My sister tried talking to her recently, as well as two other friends who currently lives with her in the apartment. That's already five times we tried. Another friend said she that would, so that would be the sixth one.... and if I go... that would be the seventh.

:/ My only fear is that she would make herself the victim --which she already kind of has when both of the two friends that is living with her said that he couldn't enter the apartment anymore for so and so dates because of their last argument that happened 3AM in the morning. She didn't really like that. :/ She said that they weren't considering her feelings. My problem with that is that her boyfriend tried to destroy the walls in the apartment they were leasing. D: LIKE SERIOUSLY! He showed aggression and they weren't comfortable with him in the apartment anymore. Nor did they feel safe.


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