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@Akahime: I hope your friend sees the daylight before it's too late. I really don't understand people who stay in those kinds of relationships or forgive people and what not.

I have a friend who is dating an ex-friend of mine. Normally, I really don't care to pay attention to who my friends date, but this particular girl that my friend is dating, I personally know. And, I know she's bad news bears. I know all too much that all she ever did with her ex's was cheat on them. Her ex-husband, particularly was one of my good friends and it got so bad that even his mom and sister had stepped in and confided in me about it.

My friend does have a way with ending up dating those that cheat on him and mistreat him and I'd really rather not history repeat itself and him go down the same path (not to mention everyone's pretty fed up with the drama between him and girls he's dated in the past - up to the point where not many people even want to room with him at cons anymore). I tried warning him, but that's really all I can do without really getting involved (and she is most definitely forbidden in this house or any where near me, I just do not want to deal with it all over again).

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yes it is, i do some of my cosplay voices while i do it so i don't get bored.
You do cosplay voices while making cakes o_O?

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