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@sam vines:
D:< I KNOW, RIGHT?! The nerveeeee! And yeah, he's a drinker. He likes Patron (that how you spell it? I never really paid attention, lol). Like a lot. Ew. >> I don't think he has a criminal record. We'll see how far that goes as long he doesn't keep his anger in check. :/

I really hope so too. ): I really don't understand how she could even stay in the relationship. I can't even imagine the reasons or the things that goes on in their heads. D:

Oh man, girl, that sounds like a situation that is about to become like mine. I only fear that people will not be friends with L anymore because of the way she continues to carry herself. The apartment is only a year lease so they already are talking about not rooming with her anymore. They're rooming together for school btw. They were such good friends, but... I suppose sometimes things just don't work out. :/ Even if she one days loses all of us, I hope she only realizes what kind of mistakes she made and learn her lesson instead of blaming others.
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