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Originally Posted by pkmntrainerGina View Post
you are not pudgy, ! and i think you would make a very good anarchy panty too

your sheryl nome cosplay looks nice btw, and the shorts aren't even bad i've seen girls at my school try to get away with shorter (in. school. w0w)
Thanks~ I appreciate it and thanks~ oh my gosh I know what you mean though by girls in school -_- xD

Originally Posted by Ninbri View Post
Do it!
I love your Sheryl Nome cosplay..
Also, Panty has been one of my wants as well, but shes the epitome of slutty, so.. if you don't want to feel slutty.. cosplay Stocking. xD
Haha I've cosplayed panty once in her red dress xD I don't mind feeling like slutty but I just sometimes mind when my tummy is exposed like in bikinis xD

Originally Posted by Lurrdoc View Post
I think your figure is great as it is.
You can definitely give Patty a better name by cosplaying as her. Go for the gold.
Aw thanks

Originally Posted by Meownyan View Post
I think you're fine as long as you don't do as some girls and sew your costumes two sizes to small.
Oh gosh I know... I would never dream of doing that lol
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