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Originally Posted by Mykaios View Post

I'm think you spelled it correctly, don't think I have ever drunk it myself though. On another note: See, I walked out on my ex IMMEDIATELY (grabbed my shit and walked out the door [except the cat...he wouldn't give me MY CAT and i miss that cat, nothing I could've done though. She was a gift from him, but I don't think my name was on the adoption papers], as soon as he started slamming doors and breaking dishes. On top of the mental abuse and put downs and such, it just got to be too much and I was more afraid of what would happen to me down the line.
LOL Well, matters not. As long we know what I'm talking about.

On that note: OMG. D: Horrible! I would have walked out on a guy like that too. :/ I rather get out early in the relationship if I start having doubts about it and if he starts to restrict my freedom down or just hurting my feelings in general. I wouldn't have put up with it (maybe the first time, but definitely not the second time).
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