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I do watch and read yaoi. Not gonna deny it. I'm not obsessed or something but you know... It's... One of those things that kinda stick with you for a while.
I remember I was watching some yaoi and I was laughing so hard I heard my mom's footsteps coming into my room so I quickly exited out of YouTube. She asked why I was crying/laughing so much and I had to tell her that I just read a funny comic online.

I once hid a couple volumes of Junjou Romantica inside my lamp drawers. My mom saw it, but I guess she thought one of the character was a girl. Good thing I sold them to one of my friends who is a yaoi fangirl. I been hiding about a dozen yaoi manga from her so far but now, only a few.

I also have a stash of doujins somewhere hiding inside a huge envelope... She has seen them but she didn't really care, then asked why two guys were hugging each other.

She still does not know I have a boys love game installed onto my computer. (DRAMAtical Murder if you were wondering. My icon is one of the characters)
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