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Very LARGE props? V-13

Hey ya'll, so I wanted to make Nu's sword from BlazBlue. Here's what it looks like.

I probably won't cossplay as her for the convention I'm AIMING to go to, but make the sword just for fun. And if I happen to go the year after or just to a convention in a state around my area, it'd be something different. In-game the sword is pretty large, but for real life's sake I was going to make the limits about at LEAST 3 feet taller than me (I'm 5'1").

It won't be too heavy since I know what I'm making it out of, but I wonder how I'd carry it. My IDEA was to put straps inside the sword so I could carry it around like a back pack (the outfit would cover them, and I'd match the colour of the straps so it wouldn't be noticeable from afar). What do you think? Should I go with that, or just hold it?

I'll probably give it away once I'm done anyways.
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