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Originally Posted by Catscatscats View Post
@TeaForThought, Nonono of course I know that, haha, don't worry. What I mean is while I do own some real Lolita pieces, I see nothing wrong with the people who buy some costumey outfits. I should have probably added that I think it's fine once in a while, just not on a regular basis. But yes, I know they're two different things. Even with "normal" clothes I NEVER care for brand - not many people in my school do to be honest, but maybe it's because I was raised that way? My mother doesn't mind brand, so as long as we like the quality of something and it feels comfortably it's good enough for us. Thanks for your input! That's all I've asked for is opinions and more opinions, so thanks!
No worries..I kind of assumed that but..I wasn't totally sure ^^"
I know I probably came off as a bit of an ass for a second there. I'm not one for brand either, though I can appreciate it when it comes my way. I just...I'm not so sure. A lot of the costumes have this hit or miss thing on quality and I'm one who tends to wear stuff until it's just not wearable anymore so I'd rather put the money on the stuff that know what I mean?
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