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I bring the pudding ^^
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Originally Posted by Getheyon View Post
I'm not sure who I'll be cosplaying as (I've seen all three shows). I have a few choices, Dean, John, Rose, or 11.
Dean or John! We need more SPN or Sherlock in this mix (Not sure if you meant Watson or Winchester. Figured you meant Watson)
My cosplays for AX11:
Day 0 & 2: Elena - Final Fantasy VII [85%]
Day 1: Frost Mortal Kombat DA [80%]
Day 3: Milly thompson Trigun [90%,] SnJ ANBU Naruto - Naruto [75%]
Day 4: Zombie Milly - Trigun [100%]

Anime Expo 2011 is my last convention for awhile. So I plan to go out with a bang! ^_^

I did it! I joined facebook! *Facepalm*
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