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Originally Posted by Midnight Dawn View Post
Sosuke is the king of misunderstanding and taking things very literally. Not to mention he is of the extremely militaristic and logical perception of the world. So really you can build a lot of different things. It's just a matter of picking a scenario and putting a Sosuke twist on it with how royally bad he's going to mess it up.

But what kind of skit do you perceive yourself doing? Because there is a lot of events that can take place.

For example, Chidori could be telling Sosuke that she's going shopping and need's help. With a slip of her words says something like "We need to be extra prepared tomorrow because it's going to be like a battlefield".

In such, Sosuke takes this literally and shows up fully armed as well as bobby trapping the shops etc etc etc.
This is basically what I was going to say, except not an example lol Anything you can think of where Kaname says anything that can be taken as "you need to gear up" would work..If he wants, You can have his wear like a big coat over his weapons and walk and say something that he takes literally and whips the jacket off and tried to throw a grenade or something or even pulls out and points a gun, then you hit him on the head with a folded up fan....or something..
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