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Originally Posted by zelos888 View Post
I'm excited! The most I have ever gotten was 7, So I would really love to get some more! and I have two newbie ALA go'er who are attending with me so hopefully we can get some.
Don't forget to stop by the Info desk to get the "my first time" ribbon for both of them! If they are under 18, they are also eligible to get the Jailbait ribbon. Doing something adorkable may be able to earn you the "A;Dorkable" ribbon, and saying the magic word may also get you another.

Stop by the office and allow yourself to be modestly dusted with glitter to get the GLITTERATI ribbon.

If you are lucky enough to find Chaz, the con chair, when he is not busy, or if he finds you, you may land yourself with the SHOT BY A BEAR ribbon if he takes your picture. Related to that, someone else may be able to give you a ribbon that confirms that, "No, I don't know how fast Chaz is moving," or something else that ties into the activities of our beloved chair.

Tadao Tomomatsu, the toastmaster of the convention, usually has a few ribbons either with him or about him, including Shake-Hands Fan, Secret Asian Man, and the usually male-exclusive "I'd go Yaoi for Tadao!" Like Chaz, Tadao is extremely busy, though.

Con Suite and the Blue Rose Maid Cafe also have ribbons in stock, but these are usually in high demand and very short supply.

The Gaming room and Tabletop Gaming may have ribbons of several varieties to offer. Stick around and ask around to see who is giving out what.

Karaoke has also been known to give out ribbons in the past.

Outstanding cosplays, or cosplay elements such as props or wigs, may earn you a HALL COSPLAY AWARD ribbon.

Fairy Godfathers, identified by their sunny dispositions and the Fairy Godfather ribbons they wear, will usually have a ribbon or two on hand in exchange for some fun and games, and telling them about your ALA experience so far.

One of the workshop presenters is usually armed with questions in Japanese about your birthday or other details; answer them, and you may be able to get a ribbon as proof of your linguistic prowess.

That should be enough to get you started!
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