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Aright yeah i'm posting this to ask. IS ANYONE in here a serious enough cosplayer that they are pretty organized? I hope so i really do. I mean i'm having a lot of trouble finding people or groups that are communicative or really well organized. That's actually why i made a Texas cosplayers website. I'm hoping some of you in here that have over 4 years experience in cosplay or cosplay functions can help me admin or mod the site. Other than that the site is just for cosplayers in or around TX. So if you are trying to keep up with events in the TX area or want to know about photo shoots please join up. I'm making sure everything is as organized as possible. Thanks for reading. TXCosplay <<<link here. At least take a look.
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Just a Cosplayer who likes to make new friends....and steal more souls lol JK! Anyways I'm always looking for new cosplays so if you can think of anything let me know My pics and description here.
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