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Hahah....Oh I got too many of these. I'll share two of them though. :P

My most recent one would be at AWA. It was the second day of the con, and I had recently started a new eating plan. I had brought my backups(Protein shakes and bars) with me just in case. Short story is I just got caught up in all the crazyness and just ended up forgetting to eat. What the worst part was is that we ended up going to the convention center's bar after everything had ended and I had ONE...I repeat ONE Long Island Iced Tea while at the bar. I got so smashed because I didn't eat anything all day except for in the morning. Oh man it was baddddd.

In the past when I didn't care what I ate, me and my friend went to Metrocon totally broke. Like literally I had no money and he had maybe $50. The WHOLE weekend, we ate 1 cup of ramen and a bowl of clam chowder at the expensive ass hotel resturaunt. Now mind you, that was some GOOD flipping soup, but why we didn't just go to the dollar menu at MickeyD's is beyond me. That was terrible though, we ended up eating so much when we got back though. xD
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