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Originally Posted by dx7879 View Post
It just felt lacking to me this year compared to last. I love all the stuff they had going last year. This year was the first con where I actually didn't buy anything, since nothing appealed to me Also, autograph signing for Friday ended up not happening, the karaoke machine they actually had was a little sad and only one mic, gaming room wasn't set up as well and no DDR, and not as many panels that seemed interesting to me at least. I think I went to 2 panels, masquerade and maybe last 10 minutes of a concert :/

Lol, I did end up having some fun though, but most of it was not due to things that the convention had planned. Like going to the Pocky Game thing Friday, finding out it was over, and then doing Gangnam Style since the person running the panel still had the room for another 15 minutes or so ^.^ Also doing Gangnam Style inside Portillo's since we were getting weird looks from people already anyways XD

Lol, I'm sure I'll go back next year though
Yeah, I agree with the panels. But I usualy don't have too much time to go to those anyway.
Also I don't usually spend to much at cons (Only at ACen!!!) I think all I bought was a small print for like a buck. ;u;'
Portillos was awesome, though. Myself and my Mako were getting stared at by a little girl the whole time. We were unsure whether it was because she knew/liked avatar or it it was because we were dresed 'oddly'.. which those outfits aren't even really that bad, haha.
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