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Originally Posted by fullbleed View Post
Hah, me? On a date?

No this was just someone who's part of the pole society and she came to the pub with a load of us. I kept thinking, there are other people here I want to socialize and talk with but this conversation about the Harry Potter musical never going to fucking end. I'm thinking this relationship has gone way beyond its parameters already.

She was talking to be because she saw me as a fellow nerd and therefore we had something in common, but if you talk to someone else you may find that they also have that in common; but you wont know if you only ever talk to one person.

Like I found of that one of my friends met my favourite writer Keiron Gillen, thats something we had in common and we can talk about. Next Friday we're gonna trade X-men comics. Great stuff, because I can sustain a conversation with more than one person in the world.
Originally Posted by Arc_The_Lad View Post
I would of responded with "I fucking hate Harry Potter" even if you actually like it, it usually works...

OK it worked the one time I said it, I was dragged to a midnight release of one of the books, but I understand that people just assumed I loved Harry Potter since I was there in the first place.
Originally Posted by fullbleed View Post
I tried, I said I don't even like Harry Potter but it didn't seem to work.

People like that are the reason why I avoid the nerdy/geeky societies at uni like sci-fi, board gaming ect. Because I want to minimize as much chance of meeting these awkward people as possible even if I am interested in the society.
Originally Posted by Arc_The_Lad View Post
I know what you mean all too well.

A few years ago I was on the bus, saw a guy younger than me playing a DS and asked what he was playing because my brain shut off and decided to be friendly for once. It led to a conversation with one major major problem, I assume this was the only social interaction this guy ever had. Only ever talked about Final Fantasy. I was going to the net cafe where my friends worked to hang out and he just...followed me, and tried to talk to them. It took a good hour before he got the message and left.

My friends just looked at me and asked what the hell is wrong with me, I bought a round for us all when we went to the pub to make up for it.

If I wasn't so slammed with work I'd comment further, but I know these feels coscom bros and love how the answers seem to be the pub and X-men comics. YES, GOOD, ETC.
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