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Been a few busy days but here's the work outs I have been doing.

Tuesday was Legs!

4 sets of 385 for 3 reps

Leg Press

Did a set of 10 on all the following weights: 360, 450, 540, 630, 720
Then decided to work in pauses so I did 3 sets of 810 with 4-10 second holds at the bottom of every rep.

Leg Extension

20 reps on all the following weights: 120, 150, 180. Then did burn outs on 195 meaning I do a set, count to 15 and go again. Did 3 back to back sets getting 20,15,12 in the three.

Wednesday was Shoulders

Shoulder Press
8x60 2 sets

Upright rows and 4 sets of 10 at 60,70,80,90.

Rear Delt Raises


But tragedy struck lol. Overall the presses were fine buit actually getting the 75lb dumbells in position to press was hard. After a few futile attempts I got a spotter. But unfortunately I believe the damage was done bring them down after the set. I felt an instant twinge in my shoulders running up the back of my neck. Fortunately my gym has an in house deep tissue massage therapist but worked out most of the kinks. Still feel it a little but getting better.

Today was Arms, focused heavily on biceps. Decided to go heavy with high volume. I worked it sets of 15-20 reps, alternating form from traditional, to hammer to a side curl bring it more up the chest. I warmed up with the 25's, then to the 35's but did a bulk of the sets with the 45lb dumbells. I stopped at 45 because the 60s are the highest I can comfortably and with good form curl. Wanted to work a lot of sets which at the moment I can not do with the 60s.

Dumbell curls
9 sets of 15-20 reps

W shaped curl bar- a more pronounced form of EZ bar. Varied grip from inside to outside the W.

7 sets of 15 reps
1st set had a 10 on each side, the rest had 2 10lbs plates per side.


5 sets 20 reps Cable Push downs with straight bar- alternating grip during sets 1st 10 underhanded, next 10 overhanded. 60,70,80,90, 100

The switched to just overhand grip for heavier weights.
Then burn out sets to failure back to back at following weights 130,100, 80, 50.

Will do some cardio tonight, more than likely treadmill work, doing Back tomorrow, hopefully the shoulder/neck area will be more healed by then for deadlifts.
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