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Anyone Tried Low Carb High Fat Diet?

The premise of this diet is when you take out all the carbs, i.e, sugar, bread, grain, your body becomes adapted to using the fat from your body more effectively.

I did P90X about two years ago, went from 226 down to 186 lbs.

P90X has a phase where you intake less carbs and interestingly enough, thats when I lost most of my weight.

Fastforward two years, I slowly regressed back to 200 lbs. During the summer 2012, I decided to get in shape so I started working out, weighting lifting and a bit of cardio. Ate "right", eating whole grains, drinking milk, fruits, veggies, white meat, no saturated fat.
3 months later, I only lost 3 lbs, sure it could have been mitigated by some muscle gain but my muscles don't grow that fast.

Getting frustrated I remembered about the low carb phase in P90X, and started researching about it. Stumbling upon Jimmy Moore's Livin' La Vida Low Carb website and listened to a ton of his podcasts. Since starting low carb, I am down to 178 lbs and my ldl and cholesterol lvls improved and am satiated for longer periods of time.

I am not saying this THE diet and everyone should do this. I am merely presenting an option for people like myself who couldn't lose weight on the conventional "healthy" diet. If your diet is working for you, by all means stick with it. I'll be sticking with the Low Carb High Fat (LCHF) diet as it is working wonders for me.

My current goal is 170 but my dream goal is to get ripped so I'll look kickass in a Ryu costume .
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