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Originally Posted by tipsd9video View Post
Has this been posted to the official gathering thread yet?
It does not seem so, and based on what I'm seeing in said thread, it seems our best bet is Sunday simply for the reason of not interfering with the other gatherings on the other 2 days of the convention.

Originally Posted by Ice Fox Keiko
While there, if you see any Vocaloid cosplayers on Friday feel free to mention the gathering to them! Because I discovered that a bunch of cosplayers don't use *le gasp!!!*
This is something I have come to realize after I had taken charge of organizing a Vocaloid gathering at PMX last month. After talking to some photographers and other cosplayers, it would be best to also make a Facebook event for this (after deciding on an exact date and time, of course). I'll leave that up to you as you are the boss for this one
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