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Originally Posted by pinoycosplay View Post
Rubber - A movie about a sentient car tire with telekinesis. Interesting idea, but so-so execution.

I believe it's on netflix.
I forgot about that movie, it isn't as interesting as it would sound.


Been watching a lot recently, I'll just go with the last three because I can't remember which I watched last.

Waxwork - it's awful.. It's about some needy group of highschoolers who go to a waxwork for shit-n-giggles. Each end up crossing velvet ropes to get a closer look at a specific set and end up getting stuck in that set.. only to die to become part of the set in order to open gates of hell. It really, really sucks, and isn't as interesting as I put it.

Re-animator - Just classic for me. Transferred med student (Jeffery Combs) discovered serum to rise the dead, but that never goes well. Great gorefest.

Lovely Molly - Done by the guy who did Blair Witch Project. Bigger budget, still a handy cam in it. It's about girl who gets haunted, to say the least, in her old childhood home. It's better then most recent horror films, but that isn't saying much. It's worth a watch if you like paranormal horrors. I liked it, but it's just too predictable, which was its main flaw.
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