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First Cosplay Horror Stories

I tell my friends that they don't want to see my first hand-made cosplay because it was THAT BAD. And it really was. And I'm sitting here thinking, surely I'm not the only person who has suffered a nearly traumatic first cosplay attempt right?

So I was hoping you kind folks would be willing to share your stories with me if I share my story with you.

My first cosplay was Sode no Shirayuki from Bleach. Now let's start with the fabric choice shall we?

I choose, ready for it? Shiny satin for a huge white furisode. Yes I got chewed out for it. And badly. And then I realized that I made the entire thing too small, so I had to lengthen it AND make it wider. Which in turn made it look like a graduation gown instead of a kimono. I knew nothing about kimonos and so it turned out pretty bad. The obi was made of lining fabric wrapped around a spare piece of one of those laminated place-settings for kids. And the green part was just a piece of green lining stuffed into the obi. The bow came out decent enough.

The wig. Was. A. Nightmare. See how the character is purple based white? Well now, for those who know anything about color theory knows that the complimentary to purple is yellow. My wig. Was not white. But a pale-yellow based white/blonde. Can you even imagine how awful that ended up being? Pretty bad really. Not to mention it was WAY too shiny and very, very thin in the back. You could clearly see the wefts from the back. And of course I knew nothing about wig-care, so I ripped a brush through it. Which ended horribly. Needless to say that wig is now resting in a land-fill somewhere.

Some misc. things? Hm...I didn't know how to pose the character because I never watched that arc of Bleach. I just did it because my friends were going to do the other zanpakutos (they didn't in the end). That is a mistake I vow to never make again. I didn't have the sword form with me. People kept stepping on the flared bottom of my kimono and I didn't have any make-up on. And I'm asian. I have a naturally warm yellow undertone to my skin (not a stereotype. it's true in my case) and so that, again, didn't look too good with the purple based-white. Made me look WAY tanner than I was.
So yeah. The horrors. Would you like to share your own trecherous tales? Or perhaps ridicule me for my bad choices? Trust me, it's probably nothing I haven't heard already from the kimono selling lady (who took great offense to my travesty) and from myself (who upon reflection refuses to post pictures of it online for anyone to see).
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