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Diet Pre Con

Ok we have heard each others horror stories, now how do you approach your diet pre-con and how far out do you try to get more strict with it? And do you try to stay with it during con or call it a free weekend?

I have had several friends/clients that have gone to cons and what I tell them is unless its absolutely necessary don't worry about following the diet I give them exactly. Its kind of a free weekend. Now there are certain limitations. If this person is wearing a big costume there, meaning a good portion of their body is covered no worries. But if the body is on display in any way, guys no shirt or ladies in various get ups, then we have to plan. I normally tell them to take a cooler with them to stock with ice in case of emergencies.

For my next con I may do a Hulk. But in this case and wanting to be as muscular as I can be, I will also being pretty dry, meaning restricting water. I am approaching it as if I was doing a bodybuilding show. Right now I am bulking, but when it gets closer to show time I'll start cutting carbs out little by little and then about 2 days out start restricting water. At the con I will have to have a few things with me, a few preplanned meals and do very small swigs of water.
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