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Originally Posted by WumpaFruit View Post
Yeah, I agree with the panels. But I usualy don't have too much time to go to those anyway.
Also I don't usually spend to much at cons (Only at ACen!!!) I think all I bought was a small print for like a buck. ;u;'
Portillos was awesome, though. Myself and my Mako were getting stared at by a little girl the whole time. We were unsure whether it was because she knew/liked avatar or it it was because we were dresed 'oddly'.. which those outfits aren't even really that bad, haha.
Yes, Acen is my crazy spending. Every other con I'll spend under $30, Acen is like $100-200 XD The awkward looks from people at the Charlestowne mall was great too. Going on the elevators at Carson's for fun, and just staring at people outside the elevator. That and walking through the make up section to get to the rest of the mall! Also that hilarious Panara Bread trip Friday night as well as running around outside in shorts and sandals...Saturday I was dressed normal enough, so people probably weren't really staring at me too much...

Also running into some cosplayers at McDonald's Friday who for the rest of the con became known as our "McDonald's buddies" everytime we saw each other. Lol, even went exploring with them for a bit in the Pheasant Run elevator at one point on Friday, and did the Gangnam Style elevator scene when we were all together. Also found out there's no 13th (or maybe it was 12th?) floor when we decided to go all the way to the top...

This is my fun time at Kollision in a nutshell though, just one of many times playing in the elevators while there XD ater
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