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When did you start cosplaying and what made you start?:
I was 14 when I first started. I got really into Anime and Manga, and me and my best friend went to a convention together. I saw so may amazing costumes there, I loved them to bits, even though I had no idea what most were.

What was your first cosplay? Did you make the costume yourself?:
The first costume was a gift from my mother, the second, she helped me with. But then a friend gave me an old mannequin and I've been making everything since.
Do you cosplay in public?:
Yeah, but I'm not going shopping dressed in a suit of armor. My more casual costumes I have worn out before. The big fancy ones I do use for when my school does fundraisers.

Have you been to any expos/conventions?:
I've been to 9 conventions over 5 years.

If yes, which was/is your favourite to go to and why?:
London MCM! I love the people there, they're all so nice. I love getting photos of my costumes taken, and I love how if you stop for a second, even somewhere out the way you're still surrounded in costumes!

Do you cosplay regularly? If yes, how regularly?:
I tend to only really get my full costumes on for events of photos, because they take a lot of effort to get into. But most of my spare time is cosplay related one way or another.

What do people think of your cosplay?:
My friends like it, even those who don't cosplay. Strangers ted to ask a lot of questions or stare, I don't mind.

Who is your favourite character/person to cosplay as and why?:
Kushina Uzumaki from Naruto. The costume is really simple, and it's my most successful. The wig I use is amazing, it comes to my knees, gets horribly tangled but can be fixed in 5 minutes.
My boyfriend cosplays her husband, so the costume means I get to spend the con with him.
Do you make the costumes yourself?:
Yes, sometimes I have to have someone pin me into a dress because I'm thinner/shorter than my mannequin, and sometimes I bribe them with cake to hold things while the paint drys.

Helen, 17, Nottingham, England.

How long does it take for you to construct a costume?:
It depends, between three months and three days.

What do you enjoy about cosplay?:
Being my favorite characters, meeting new people, walking into a supermarket dressed as iron man and having everyone do double takes.
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