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Originally Posted by Lilith Oya View Post
If you're buying it in person, just get the thickest, heaviest you can find! In fact, think about lycra too! But be prepared to compensate for the fact that any white stretch fabric is still see-through! Even if you can't see skin color, a lot of people don't realize that we can see the size and shape of your belly button. XD Be prepared to either double up the fabric or wear shapewear. Shapewear is your god when it comes to senshi cosplays. I find that no matter what the body type, stretch fabrics just look gross. They are so unflattering cause they sink in and hug the worst crevices of the body. Shapewear fixes all that and makes the fabric clean, smooth, and pretty.....and you get the added bonus of protection from perves. ^______^d
What I do for that personally is use flesh-colored swimsuit lining. It works amazingly and isn't at all difficult to put in (pin the white lycra pieces to the lining pieces, serge all around the edges, then serge the leotard together). So lots of potential options to choose from! :3
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