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Weight Loss against Health Obstacles

Okay, I feel a little weird putting this out here, but I'm hoping maybe someone can help.

I suffer from a thyroid condition which makes weight loss very difficult and weight gain near effortless. I also have an extreme vitamin D deficiency which means intense joint pain (i.e. typical everyday walking is painful and stairs are impossible). This makes exercise very difficult beyond basic walk from point A to point B since one hour of exercise makes me near immobile the next 3 days.

As for food, I have almost no appetite and feel sick on my stomach every time I eat, so I usually eat only one or two small meals a day.

I've been to the doctor and am being treated as much as I can be, but I am very unhappy with my increasing weight and want to get back down to a healthy weight again. However I'm not sure how to do that since I can't exactly cut back on food or add more exercise due to my health issues.

Any advice?
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