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Originally Posted by Hallowin View Post
You are so cute, Amu or Utau from Shugo Chara, Inori from Guilty Crown, Rima from Vampire Knight, Ciel from Black Butler and Nezumi from No.6, Serah from Final Fantasy and Aqua from Kingdom Hearts
Aww, thank you! You know what's hilarious, I recently bought an Inori wig, but I bought it because it was pink; I've never watched Guilty Crown and I didn't know that the wig was modeled after Inori. Could it be..FATE?

Thanks for your suggestions, most of those are actually the types of outfits I'd enjoy wearing c: I LOVE Serah's outfit, I might just make that outfit to wear daily. A Lightning wig was on my to-buy list anyways so that works out perfectly♥
I can't swag understand swag your accent
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