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Originally Posted by Mykaios View Post
You can either take a screen shot or print out the information from the websource. As for the tracking number...did you ever give her the tracking number (because you should have) and should have it in email records or something? Also, she should be able to look up her own transactions, sent or received and print them out herself.

We're currently having a problem with some packages saying that they're delivered, but...apparently not to our current address even though we have mail forwarding. Luckily Rightstuf will probably be able to track or resend orders but i know when we called the post office all they said was that they were delivered and that's it -_-;
I actually never sent her the tracking number, which I do feel horrible about (so there are no email records of it). It was a hectic week for me and had completely forgotten I hadn't given her the number. By the time I remembered and checked the package status online, it had already been delivered, so at that point I didn't feel the need to send it to her.I just bought it for my own protection.

I also know she can look up her own records, so I'm not exactly sure why she wants me to send them to her....I'm assuming she is having trouble pulling them up on her account. I honestly don't know since she didn't give much details.

I will probably just use a screen shot. It would probably be the easiest way. Would you mind explaining to me how to take one (I'm sooo computer illiterate....)

I have actually had the SAME exact problem with a package I ordered recently. According to the USPS site, the package was delivered to my house. But it never was. I searched everywhere around the outside of my house to see if it had been sat in an odd place. But nothing. I went to the post office and raised hell, I was so angry. But they told me there was nothing they could do. I can only assume the package was delivered to the wrong house without the carrier realizing it and marking it as delivered. I think this is what may have happened to this buyer.

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