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You're not reading. I (and the rest of this community) accept new members. I (and the rest of this community) don't accept shills.

3. No spamming, defined as either posting to deliberately advertise something, or excessive posting with no general motive other than to post nonsense. In regards to advertising, you are more than welcome to have a URL or small banner leading to your site in your sig as long as you’re not posting just to drive people somewhere else. URL’s that lead to affiliate programs are absolutely not allowed. In regards to excessive posting, we will for example not tolerate members irritating others in the forums community by constantly posting in as many threads as possible, whether it be to get their post counts up (for some odd reason, people actually do this) or simply out of mere boredom. Small offenses will be met with a polite request to cease the activity. Repeat and/or larger offenses will be met with removal from the site. Posting anything for sale, no matter if it's cosplay related or not, may only go in the spam forum.
You are a shill. Coscom accounts are free; there is no need to "be given" one, although IP-checks would prove otherwise.


1. You must be the copyright holder (owner) of the photo. In other words, you took the photo yourself.
I doubt you got permission from KiraWinter and Kirana to steal their photo for your avatar.

Your sock-puppet shill accounts were zombie accounts, living on borrowed time.
RIP CosRevo, Love Laugh, Sweety Pop, Cocosilver.
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