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Originally Posted by usuyukisou View Post
You're not reading. I (and the rest of this community) accept new members. I (and the rest of this community) don't accept shills.

You are a shill. Coscom accounts are free; there is no need to "be given" one, although IP-checks would prove otherwise.


I doubt you got permission from KiraWinter and Kirana to steal their photo for your avatar.

Your sock-puppet shill accounts were zombie accounts, living on borrowed time.
That just proves that I didn't read carefully and I didn't notice the details. But those two accounts were really given by others and I have to accept it, since the one who gave it to me is my boss and I had to do it. Maybe I should try to quit this job. I just want to make it clear and I don't want to take this kind of ill name. Well, thank for what you have said here. I know what I did wrong now. Thank you!(I said this from my inner heart) And I will never use this account.
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