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Originally Posted by manik_semiramis View Post
You can put me down as Rakuzan Akashi. :3 I have a Trinity Blood gathering around noon on Friday, but getting into Akashi takes maybe half an hour? T~T I'd love everyone if we could push this gathering back to 2:00/2:30? But I understand if it's not possible. ^_~ If you do it on Sunday, I'll be in a secret Teiko cosplay, and Saturday I think we have 4 of the 5 Touou team members in the evening.
Since there are other gatherings planned in the same area around 2, I don't think we can push it back that late, sorry But we will expect you! And around maybe 1:45 or so, not sure exactly when, we're going to be going to Carl's Jr. for lunch. So hopefully, you can at least meet us there, if nothing else!

I personally won't be in KnB cosplay any other day but I'm sure some others will be C:
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