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Originally Posted by Huntsman444 View Post
Hey there. I'm looking to have a couple of Corvo Atano's things made from the upcoming release Dishonored. I need his blade done, as well as his mask. Both willbe a fair challenge to make. The mask is very intricate, and I need the blade to function in a manner that it does in the game. Attached are some pictures of both pieces, and a youtube clip that briefly shows the way the sword works. Brief as it is, I am sure it will be easy to imagine how it is to work when you look at the picture as well. If you can do either, I eagerly look forward to getting in touch with you about them. Thanks for your time.

Mask pictures:

Blade pictures & video:
Enjoy the whole trailer(Like I did) to see the knife up close for extra details, or skip straight to about 2:17 to see the blade being equipped. Imagine a big switchblade.

Thanks for giving it a look folks. It's a a tall order, but I know someone out there can do it, all of you make some amazing stuff
Please contact me via this site or if you have anything for me, and we can discuss pricing/material/etc. from there. Thanks again

ATTENTION: My mask situation has been taken care of, so I apologize if anyone was willing to make that. I am, however, still on the market for the knife, so please, send me any information you can. Thank you
Who took care of your mask situation, and how well does it look, and does the front come off?
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