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My first cosplay atrocity was a kimono too! I tried Itsuki Tachibana of Project Zero. Yeah, it's very simple, so what can go wrong, right?

Well for starters, somehow I was convinced that the pattern on his kimono was dirt. I also purchased very expensive linen to make it - whatever the reason! I did no research into kimono at all. The pattern I used to make the kimono was an enlarged pattern for a doll... so both inaccurate and for female kimono. The obi was just a stripe of blue cotton fabric, way to short to make any form of musubi (again, not that I knew what musubi were) so I vaguely faked an otaiku musubi, haha.

I found a chain among my things so I thought it would be super cool to run around with that around my neck and also used fake blood just because. Of course my wig was a cheap halloween wig. And when I got tired of running around bare-footed (flip-flops? What are flip-flops?) I put on combat boots because I thought, again, it looked cool. *facepalm*

I don't think anyone took ever pictures of me... but the most embarassing thing is, at the time I was running around with an amazing cosplayer (huge props to her for not judging me, haha) and a photographer arranged a photoshoot with her and other good cosplayers, all of which had sexy cosplays. Somehow I got dragged along and ended up posing with them, I didn't fit with the theme at all! D:

In retrospect I'm really sorry I probably ruined what could have been amazing photos.
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