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well the who wanted it in the end flaked out about last min
so its still up for grabs

heres the quote

"as some of you know i make youtube vids of all my work
and to have new videos i only make a project once
so to be fair ill let you all have at it at once

this is the current quote foe the mask


itemized costs:
PVC sheeting=$6
red cotton cloth=scrap/free
metal tube=$7
metal wire=$3
lenses,pins,clockwork,ext.=$15 (lucky there is a store near me that sells steampunk gear)
paint,glue, screws,ext.=$10
1 weeks labor=$100
total=$151+shipping (need zip and city to calculate) "

ill have to slot you for a week in Jan at the earliest to make it
i ask $50 to hold a slot
$50 when i start
and $51+shipping when you see it done
hope that sound fair

good times to all
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