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Originally Posted by UsakoLuna View Post
Your gif is dead...
Well, it was the one of Carl Sagan with "YOU'RE AWESOME" on it, so... you're awesome.

Originally Posted by Mykaios View Post

OMG, my hair is purple TOO! I use SFX's pimpin' purple or Punky Colour plumX3
I bought a bottle of Pimpin' Purple (I hate that name so much though) for next time I want to dye my hair. I still have a lot of stubborn color in it from when I used SFX Deep Purple, and the experience of getting everything covered in dye was so traumatic that I'm putting it off for a while. At least until after I get up the gumption to have my hair cut. I don't want the shampoo person to have to deal with all that violently purple foam.

Haven't used Punky Colour but I agree SFX is superior to Manic Panic. I do like a lot of their colors, but SFX has better staying power and is easier to apply.
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