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Originally Posted by Millions_Knives View Post
well there are a ton of ways to do it
i have a few vids with different style horns
hope this one is useful
(no good at typing)
thanks! i'll take a look at the video

Originally Posted by waynefactory View Post
you can use many thecniquesYou can use various techniques. Clay with a structure and then make the cast to recreate in a lighter material, or with paper and glue, always with the support of a structure ... or foam. are so many ways, it just takes patience.
ah yes lots of patience... thanks!

Originally Posted by fishmilkshake View Post
It sounds a bit gross, but if there's an animal whose horn is close to what you want you could use the real thing. I just started a project and ended up going to an abattoir and got exactly what I needed.
hmm I'll have to see if theres an animal similar. there might be and i'll look into it. thanks for your suggestion!
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