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Originally Posted by penny_dreadful View Post
Part of this is that I work in a medical office, so obviously lots of hand-washing, disinfecting of surfaces, etc. is routine. I'm not really a giant germaphobe; at home we're much more casual about this stuff. It's not a matter of being fearful, but practical: in public spaces it pays to protect yourself from unfamiliar germs and respect other people enough to be sanitary. You never know when people who are immunocompromised or sensitive to infection are going to be in the same space you just were.
Very true (as all work places, people should be washing their hands, hahaha). But there are germs everywhere really. Don't think you can stop it even in a public area or even at your home (since I'm pretty sure they're there too). There some kind of carelessness somewhere!

Just wanted to say something because I like putting my feet up on the theather seats when there is no one sitting on the seat in front of me. Hahaha. Not cunning or intelligent enough to debate about germs or whatnot. 8'3
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