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@ FinalEVA:

Workout: I am glad you are just finding time to stick to your routine. In a big store at leas you walk a lot, like you said. As for customers, they usual's don't care who they complain to (right or wrong person) they just want to complain. It's not exactly the best way to have the problem solved, but I don't think people really think that deeply about their actions, especially when it's against others. I think if they did, there would be less rude people in the world.

Fiberlgass: We will have to see about WiR, I am not sure if it's still around. Do you have any theaters near you? As for Terra, if those are good enough examples for you then that works for me!

Props: Swords are tough for sure, so I can understand you wanting a lighter one. What materials do you think would work better for it? As for the spell prop, yes I do, but I need to experiment first. :P

Upcoming projects: Well just get as much as you can done on the props and if you are able to pull some together, great. But if not, it's okay too. You can always have it next time. As for photos, I know Fanime tore down the cool area to the side of the con, but maybe there are some other locations nearby that may work.

Terra shoot and dress: That's not a problem to do tests in the parking lot. I think I will be much happier testing there than when I am standing in the snow. :P As for the flowers, I will try, but honestly I don't expect to have them done in time, which is fine. Like you said, we may have to come back and do a few more shoots once the armor is complete.

I am so excited about the harp, it looks really cool. Although I had to take a break form wonderflexing, my fingers felt burned for a few days. As for the commission, it's actually all the armor, I was just working on the shoulder pieces. And you are welcome about Skullomania, I am excited to see this one finished honestly!! I am sure Spencer will have a blast.

As for Cecil, I hope you get lots of work done today!!

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