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Originally Posted by verdatum View Post
I'm pretty sure it isn't polyurethane foam. I'm not familiar with L200 foam. Plastazote is a brand name of polyolefin foam, and yeah, that's possible. It could also be polyethylene foam, which is commonly found in cheap camping pads and life jackets; though from the photos, I sorta doubt it.

Most of these foams have similar enough properties that they can all potentially work. If you're having trouble cutting it, you might just not have a sharp enough blade. A fresh blade on an X-acto knife, or disposable utility knife shouldn't have too much trouble cutting through it. You might just need to use multiple shallow strokes. Hot-wire tools of course just blast right through it.

thats the was a brand new knife :P

But im gonna try a few things out and see whats the best the mean time ill stick with normal paper and make stuff from that or ill just buy some Plastazote foam(the only foam i could find that was for a decent price and ships to the netherlands) and see how that goes...hopefully allot better then the yoga mat xD

its not like the foam could dissapear....or could it? *cough*21st*cough*

cause it was allot easier finding out what paper/fiberglass to use then searching the right kind of foam

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