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Originally Posted by JasonTerror View Post
The hair looks easier then you think..It looks like a medium/long (depending where you get it lol) wig, with a flower in it. It looks like hair pops out of the flower but I could be wront..Either way that can be made on the flower rather then being hair, and then a clip on the flower to stay in the hair..Then just style the bangs and done..

The boots will be harder..You MIGHT have to make boot covers..I can;t help there but google is your friend and you can just search for tutorials on boot covers and alter then to what you need..If you can find blue rain/work boots (or paint some, you can get them at walmart easy in black or grey), then painting the front seams on so it looks like there actually IS seams lol Then adding the fur on top (get that at joanns)

Hope this helps
Thanks! I will try that and see how it works out! C:
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