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Originally Posted by Trametas View Post

When I saw your picture I thought "Charles Bonaparte" from the anime/manga series Freezing
Haha, the wig DOES look similar I'll give ya that XD

Originally Posted by Okami_Braginski View Post
Hiya, I'm about to turn 14 and wanna cosplay/Crossplay I really don't mind a guy or girl, but I have brown hair and green eyes, I weigh about 115-120, but it makes me look wider out, where my hips are. But, I have a pretty normal sized bust maybe a little on the small size. Soooo could you please help a newb get her first cosplay, but without wigs and contacts, PLEASE!

Do you have a picture? It might help out a little bit o: But for a male suggestion, how about Suzaku from Code Geass? :3 Only brown hair/green eye I can think of.
I can't swag understand swag your accent

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