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Originally Posted by Freya Willia View Post
Hi everyone!

I've been working on an ME3 FemShep since this summer. It's been a while since I've shared anything on, but I am extensively documenting my build (most of it is with heat-formed styrene), so this may be useful to anyone wanting to make the N7 armor out of an alternative material.

So far I have used styrene, leather, and carbon fiber vinyl for most of what you see there.

I'm also getting to the fun part - painting and weathering

The suit was fabric from SpandexHouse and custom printed with DPI printing using a pattern I made in photoshop.

Coming up over my holiday break will hopefully be a omniblade prototype out of acrylic, a test of the basic suit parts, and more ME prop accessories. Hopefully. Yeah... thats kind of aiming high.
Sooooooo sexy!

If I ever have tons of expendable money to throw around, I think I'd have you make me N7 armor (granted that you'd be willing to do it).
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