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As a HUGE fan of anime, manga, and Japanese video games, I am very knowledgeable on the hobby and I will admit that I have favorite characters whose outfits I like and whose characters I can relate to on some level.

It does bring a smile to my face when a cosplayer does cosplay one of my favorite series.

For example, I had a dream photoshoot with a good friend of mine who cosplayed as the main female cast from Shinshi Doumei Cross (aka the Gentleman Alliance). This is not something cosplayed often, but it is something this cosplayer and I have a strong mutual love for, so we had an amazing photoshoot together.

On Facebook, It is quite fun seeing my cosplay friends respond to my rants about certain characters or stories in anime, since it does confirm to many of them that I do pretty photographs, BUT I am also a huge fan of the hobbies that these cosplays come from myself.

With that said, this is a wonderful idea and I will undoubtedly do on my personal Facebook to point cosplayers to a direction so they may enjoy anime, manga, or Japanese games that they otherwise wouldn't do. It is a win/win situation, they may like a new series if they don't know about it, or if they like it, they know a photographer who is well versed and can provide them with a wealth of poses and ideas to enhance a photoshoot.
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