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When I started, I didn't know what was a"cosplay". I called it my "Crazy Project". I was hoping for a costume of Astrid (HTTYD), but I hadn't any sewing skills, so I decided to do it all from cardboard. You can imagine it. Even the skulls looked like a steamroller had attacked them. I sewed the arm wrappers by myself, and they were too little and tight. I made the shirt with a giant, dark green shirt which I cut of the sleeves. And my wig was a cheap one from a local store, with an horrible platinum blonde color. I took some photos of the progress and how all that crazy stuff looked on me, but I was so fat by those years, so not many of them have survived.
Working on: Anna (Frozen), Hermione (movie uniform version), Marinette (Ladybug)
Future cosplays: Rapunzel, Elyon (blue dress), Astrid (first movie)
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